It's a Hinghtech company which aims on geen Eco-Friendly construction materiaIs.Located in a historic and pleasant scenery city.Yuyao which near to the Ningbo port and Shanghai port in china.offording convenient transportation, Meanwhile,this city has the largest facilities for molding and plastic industries in china,it's the plastic and mould center in china.Providing the company with complete support on technology.human resource,as well as the product supply china

   The company has excellent administrant and technical person,advanced production equipment and perfeet testing machine.mainly produces PPR pipe fittings,all kinds of plastic pipe fittings, hardware fittings and bathroom accessories.
   We can product all kinds of plastic molds and products for customer's samples or drawings.Yuyao runde-fanmeiya company has passed the STATE CENTER OF SUPERVISION AND TEST FOR CHEMICAL BULDLNG MATERLALS of pressure,temperature testing report,the state Building security control Center-products,particularly the company has passed the EU food-gradespecialty building products cerificate ISO15874,the company has been passed ISO9001 certification for 5 consecutive years.
   The Yuyao runde-fanmeiya PPR pipe fittings used in the most high quality materials R200P from korea's HYOSUNG,our company and korea's HYOSUNG has strategic cooperation in the chinese market.The products havs entered more than 20 countries in the global market.65% of the production is our own brands.and for other intemational customers of brand (OEM)production,relible and stable quslity and has won unanimous praise from mternational. customers.
   At perent,our company as a best-selling brand,with the European ISO15874 quality certification and our sincere service.personal ability,scientific and technological strength,comperhensively promote and increase global market share of PPR pipe fittings.
   Welcome to cooperate with domestic and foreign exchange dealers.

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